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all right. new jersey and long. negotiations are set to get underway in austria over your lawns nuclear program this time with the goal of cementing a deal that was hammered out in november of last year the temporary greeted require that the law to curb its nuclear enrichment and effectively halt development of its atomic program in exchange for an easing of international sanctions iran supreme leader ayatollah khamenei said he doubts the latest round of talks will succeed accusing the united states of using the nuclear issue as an excuse to purchase the country. israel has long been critical of negotiations
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with iraq saying the west should take a tougher stance against the islamic republic as you. russian police arrested a protester in sochi was demonstrating against the jailing of an environmental activist who was angered by the impact of the olympics construction work a bit cocky but was led away by police for holding a placard saying it three to three mtv in the tea stall next to the team's slow over his lawyer says he was sentenced to thirty hours of tv service earlier in the day in italian activists claimed to have been arrested for allegedly carrying the property and into an olympic venue prisons light in it that it has been battling to keep a lid and protests during the olympics the face of protests is only a small hidden away park ten miles away from the game's main news has really been years russia has been criticized in the high cost of the key as well to treatment of homosexuals and suppression of human rights
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i am the owner can use on him more. i'm in. and yes the eye . i am us. the is
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you. i cannot see or read to you it's a nice young kids to incoming prime minister has laid out aggressive agenda for his first one hundred days in office and is expected to lead his country places to israel. lindsay is well known as the support of the jewish state was nothing i can tell stones against aggression from iran. ms rice powell could bring some changes to israel's foreign policy he has labelled the islamic republic's them up and challenges in the middle east and supported iran's opposition green movement in two thousand and nine. quincy has also expressed reservations about the tony's approval on the palestinians bid to upgrade ignorance they tasted like two thousand and twelve
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the center right's democrat says he intends to bring about constitutional reforms and to believe that total by the end of the pier. brent's the challenge is to form a coalition government that can win of the houses of parliament. this could be a challenge. his research how crap is already distanced some in his own democratic party its successful with the chili role to become the youngest and the caribbean in its lease history. as you it's like canceling preaching in kentucky famous for his national geographic tv show it's hard to slick celebration as the lights off to rest just like the team during a chat service friends and family say he was more than just a tv celebrity. the left and going reason than my older sisters and brothers room and informing on all batting going on kafka now these people now the story of stephanie is going to allow them here. how blind i was placing tiny obvious to most
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is going to like me and i was there. fellow scholar cent on the other moment of weakness i can hear it. snake handling which is illegal in most places is practiced as a test of things going for the theory that to believe this will be home. seventy iranian parliamentarians have reportedly been angered by comments made by iranian foreign minister job ads are we on german television where he sat at the holocaust was a horrible tragedy that should never occur again. iran's semi official news channel press tv reported that the lawmakers want to question the foreign minister for the past fifty eight in his views against what they called the surgeon and his breathing machine and the holocaust. the attitude of the amp's reflects the underlying hardline that many in there and still fold in their opinions towards israel despite the charm offensive recently undertaken by the country's current president. the song honey to win over the last visited by minister benjamin netanyahu has always maintained or
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honey is a wolf in sheep's clothing of former leader mahmoud othman is that it was a wolf in wolf's clothing. i knew dad was steadfast in its opposition to israel often calling for its destruction he also hoped that holocaust denial conference is and has called the genocide against the on this the teenager turned to the gruesome murder of forty two year old man has claimed that she killed more than twenty two people across the country a starter for involvement in a satanic cult nineteen year old miranda barbara and her twenty two year old husband were married in north carolina and moved to pennsylvania about three weeks before he killed stranger to him a career man she married to the website craig's list for companionship. miranda barbara allegedly stabbed a crack in the front seat of a car while her husband held the cord around his neck the pennsylvania teenager has told journalists that she stopped counting how many people she killed after a
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three second victim blaming her involvement in a satanic cult which she joined in alaska when she was thirteen years old. authorities are seeking the death penalty for miranda who has said that if she's released from prison she will kill again fan. tori and state officials are coming under increasing pressure to respond to claims that migrant workers and count on being in the street it ahead of the country's pacing of the twenty twenty two football world cup. a new report out this week for human rights freedom of the scene of a leak would nation can eat seats as four hundred nepalese what is going to make atari building site since twenty ten when the country won the rights to host world cup twenty twenty two. football's governing body the sites being used to take action stays rice that more deaths will be seen before goalie skates on its color its soil. the secretary general of amnesty international said that it is
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inexcusable to the country as rich as cats on my current one is of being ruthlessly exploited. since most of the race to the living conditions that someone has discovered some fighting in overcrowded accommodation because sewage most of its lack running water. the fan count on current rain gauge in appeal muscle they try to staunch the flow of international criticism ahead of the twenty twenty two will come for visits to the gulf states this week by prince charles may provide accounts that the tories to ten that i need that negative publicity and serene. it is believed to be the biblical least two which moses ascended and meeting the people of israel and in teaching. the holy vocation to which he received the ten commandments from god no one really knows where
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the snow is situated. i'll answer some archaeologists and making the case. it may very well be on israel and know what to see behind me it's hard to comb. com is that the moncton of the sa from forgetting the celts and make it as that. according to the baby current account. we are on the fringe between the land of mickey on until end of my neck. in a place where nothing was known. we discovered one thousand three hundred and fifteen archaeological sites we found too many writings. maybe worship places. painting the letters are terrorists great view of the girl card with reference to
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the ricotta to come. i've been here in the seventies green beans beets and downs come home to one of the holiest and most defining the couple moments to please her fist or not he plays in researching the subject for over thirty years now the beats them. with so many things to many finds similar to what the bible describes that more and more we were convinced that they sit and read h one b to the small and ten. and the music of the car into the bronze age. this was a sort of mecca in the middle of nowhere and people became more and more aware of the faith that piece was a tremendous forty pace. in the bronze age and said amen the other people. probably the children of restraint were key areas but i think
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that that knowing that most cyanide is in the land of the strand is of any important fact i i i am a professor and he and his team encountered conflicting findings seen as biblical experts believe it was in the late bronze age when moses and the people in israel when he checked and traveled across the fence however the findings. this is really archaeological science. you seem to think back to the early rounds each they're very serious problems with the park our car. chief among them is that the manual and not to be the next given the archaeologists is an expert says. that the is the religious sites around the park or comb. update from the day and of the early bronze age. about eight thousand eight hundred thousand years earlier than the mass of scholars date
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the eczema is either has to moaned a bit of heart are calm. forward. that you can't do. so we tested the mosaics of this backward. and he says that the accident happened at the end of the early bronze age and i think that some opinions. i don't know you can find another smaller than size. doesn't that these theories very controversial in the game because of the subject matter and because of that. there's also a along with people who did debated and a few stupid it's not true. these days there are several theories as to where it is that the holy mount sinai is located including lines insinuating that it is situated in saudi arabia. harvard scholar front cross. who says that the mount sinai is inside the road and the risk of very
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good reasons. first of all of the event on the most cause place next to this. there's nothing in sinai and the thing. and in saudi arabia minute him. you have an enormous amount of doing campus. there is nothing nothing. from the time that the israelites are suppose to have crossed assignment and in contrast to this. if you go to many an a it is all kinds of sites. we may never know for sure where did the mount sinai is located. the theories different hypotheses chain from one scholar to another however professor nasty sign means and this is really say appeared to be some of the richest and well research discoveries on the cob. day one and see the interface
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isn't it . the diaz has the support needs help block the united nations refugee agency for introducing textbooks promoting human rights into local schools st day nor palestinian cultural mores and focused too heavily on the peaceful means of conflict resolution the disputed textbooks used in grades seven through nine the family do not sufficiently addressed palestinian suffering or acknowledge the rights of battle israel. i've been on the house not a local unrwa spokesman confirmed that the curriculum had been suspended will decide to work out their differences we have no plans to allow indication of any of the team did a full grown. the kitchen. the host
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country and the upgrading going to open for examination of the curriculum developed by consultation with the whole distance is a key component of human rights organizations of crayons a month ago in society is its soul. we had the bloke who don't live in equal beings not seen with the human rights in the us and internationally but who is on view on this. the united nations relief and works agency known as unrwa assists palestinian refugees and their descendants in gaza and the agency runs some two hundred forty five schools serving more than two hundred thirty two thousand students as well as operating medical clinics and distributing food mass has frequently squabble with the unrwa in a rivalry for the hearts and minds of gaza's people amass asserts that armed resistance is a key component of its struggle against israel and disagrees with certain parts of the un universal declaration of human rights saying they violate islamic law including the right of people of different states to marry him the right to change one's
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religion. an awkward an imported from water tech specialist and the netherlands has been built in britain's flag stricken town of treats he endeavored to protect some two hundred homes from rising water levels. the awkward and also called the turkey sausage for locals extends more than sixteen meters installed water designed to hold any future secure flights. it was set up on the streets and trips to the skies and river thames and its tributary river during a boring. british prime minister david cameron has visited the town has one cup water levels could rise again underlining the importance of the next twenty four hours in fighting the flights. he reads inflated residential houses and caused havoc in different parts of the making can cause at least two deaths and forcing the post to go to hotels. however more is yet to come in that office issuing a yellow warning for brains southwest england in sixteen years later the rain
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had been issued for southend and linked fourteen being issued in south east the internment agency fan. a recent ride to the university has discovered that a scientists at the dachau concentration camp to research the possible use of malaria infected mosquitoes as weapons during the lord to dr klaus reinhardt made the discovery after examining the archives of the ensign a logical institute and jacko heinrich himmler the leader of the dreaded stance set up the inset research facility at dachau in nineteen forty two biologists and there had apparently been trying to figure out which types of mosquitoes were best able to survive outside their natural habitat so they could be infected with malaria and dropped from the air as a biological weapon the concentration camp at dachau was the first to be opened by the nazis in germany with the intention of holding political prisoners although we've actually about one third of the prisoners held there were in the thirty two thousand people died in toronto before
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it was liberated. i. other representatives from over fifty countries have a right to tell the good the twentieth international limited to eighteen tourism market which is already branded itself as one of the most important tourism trade events in the world enter to win the first edition of the extent to his room rose to stem this is the rakyat being engaged to be an israeli ambassador to welcome all the thousands of tourists and professionals to menu adopted homeland. i know i turned and adding it to say this is the best and the pavement. it's important the fuzz bass of the city the size and i don't know what the site stats and stuff and i'm the independents. i
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don't really put us on the show. and then oh nine eleven percent the child cries i don't want to go to the israeli minister of tourism co new zealand though was with joy to see the opel will mean a vote of confidence by the maniac and peace in the israeli tourism industry which runs daily show of the vote of confidence the people vote with their faith. i continued to come over today to visit the shingle in being that convinced i don blue go back to their home. with the reality which is too short a friend who will then be told by the new tv screens of their own countries. in the desert is turning into a not so bored but at the source which are visiting them. well i wish that in korea or should it will run from ten am to five billion dollars. so that it became a
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city to the heat was on hand to give the visitors a sample taste of what his will metropolitan it's all about the it is my buddy the greatest city in the world. i think that many tourists come here. the cia and the keep coming back and back into the combat centers of the cd for free. and we find out what i mean you know that the city has ten months of sun in one thousand seven hundred and fifty eight bars nightclubs and is the text and she accused young populations very vibrant titanic. that is why it is important to tell of its economy and for israel's economy to try them out the number of tourists that come here to go sixteen zero its opening is the home of the gay community of israel i think twenty percent of the city the least. and there's special night lights for the community in its an open place stays with two
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women are two men can walk and my hand in the city. just like any other couple and that's one of the reasons i love to be blessed on the site choose to do the committee who choose to work and from. israeli national airline alliance that the conference its use local service after which it hopes will be the company's answer to the open sky policy the israeli government has started to implement this year we have a lawyer and the locals. india's lower prices for people that told the times said that the prices are too expensive up is coming to compete with the a and open sky. people can decide if they want to take it seriously tasted they want to eat and slack. then there's the book since nineteen sixty nine cm and above the law. therefore each a direction given that we are going to the low post and we
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topped out at center and greets the experience that i quote the flying with him. i was sixteen percent increase in income in tourism to israel. it is safe to say that the israeli tourism industry. it's funny to me again. the jn one one jacobson at itt and conference utility up the chevy dealer topshop has created a new way to experience their collection this week's london fashion week that the live stream from the modern turbine hall which operates the brand's flagship oxford circus store which then went straight to the catwalk. participants wore specially commissioned headsets to enter the fray and sixty degree virtual world which incorporate life the catwalk show at eight am pst titles descriptions and looked around for miles and celebrity seated along the runway. topshop founder sir philip green spoke about how he intends to keep
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pushing the iconic brand for weight. this saturday. and that is a company. in this photo was the company. it will be kind to me. with the great successes of the things we went to go. but still developing young talent he has other things i'd like to do which it said recently that's maybe with a two to three stops in the technologies clean so it makes it so that links into the business gets its way with what they would be the test. sir philip was accompanied by supermodel friend and fox news he wants to pose for pictures at the half sister sixteen o one a maths is now following in her sister's death. she begins her own career in modeling. pfft. in singling eighteenth century german nazis. one of tens of thousands of lives lost on jake's beat it by the nazis missing seventy point is is plainly revealed to the polish national museum in
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nestle into the weekend. st philip baptized he said and sunscreen can not keep you and congrats to cannes was pleased to have been dated from the museum by occupying german forces in nineteen fourteen fold in recent days in two thousand and six when a gallery in new york sold it to a gallery in london concert and being a really nice the listed under a different name and attribute it to another. adding to the left which dates back to seventeen sixty eight is valued at about forty thousand us dollars the museum. it's the painting is just one of many more. he returned to its collection polish ministry of culture and national heritage is currently making efforts to school to return of forty six was a box and eat it from previous collections during world war two. the loom when
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hitler to power ninety six week mortem four hundred choose to appear in gross debt now to old town about thirty km south of frankfurt by november nine nineteen thirty one thing that she sent each of poker on. only hunt for the was snapped. and none of them before nineteen forty one does to wish it to a concentration camp. kudos go out to a state and you can try. we have juice. note use communications to our cars union commission came to ask him how this meeting will attend. headstones are upright. then on to money too every tree has been carefully cut off. he was changing into many children and grandchildren a nasty to me the meeting was called out to them. it's going to have done. a memorial. may you
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continue to use his own costume. all and is a diary that we engage people don't want to try to bring this to sweep back into our minds and the thought that nothing while mine's not in the jones minds but in the mountains of the society and non jewish society it be. and that's going on before us. the call to remembrance is started in berlin and other cities been desperate to know the area even with two small towns like most about when the organization it's a pricey name of kim and society's mission to rich culture and how he goes canal that is celebrating its twenty fifth amendment the five team. in case after the county administration or the islanders as well as some churches and several private parts. we came together and many friends and be prudent salt about two thousand bc to make a permanent amendments because even in every village. there were communities before. kisses
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hundreds of years. school is due to ninety two percent huge cost to go get out. just one more thing to do tonight the system has introduced its many interesting to read establish conne foo thefr the air. qarase it's it's called coaxing to see that the people are trying to to bring the hisry bn the minds and two were far far as this ner happen again. only it is the necessity that is news is that. the even for the next generations to keep up this memory about to go to bk smoke weeks it seems the three the german jewish and israeli positions. which us since the centuries the generation that witnesses second world war reaching sold each. leaking be on the
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period. this led many tournaments to confront the tilt of the jewish holocaust. the ones that will not heal. this is wilson truly sweet tooth this month the goal is get out. i the i will. do. will. i mean. to me
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er. will. goons yes. zz you i live in. you are. i see it
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what did it. it is. if go call. can. government discussed issues of the implementation of the cars the president's instructions which was set and a large meeting of the cabinet of ministers last friday to talk to them as instructed state agencies to ensure cost management stressing that the first leaders carry personal responsibility for the complaints relating to the adjustment of the national currency exchange rate. the prime minister stressed that is necessary to ensure the stability of prices from a seafood products and social importance fuel medicine and also to prevent shortage of products and unjustified


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